Our Technology Exists to Support Our Food Crop Growers

MultiPHY™ process ensures the production of the highest quality plant material and gives nurseries and growers access to the plants they need when they need them.

Grow With Confidence

We provide high quality plants to address the increased demand for rootstocks. NuPhy plants are guaranteed true-to-type and virus free. Our plants have <1% mortality, offering a higher return on your investment. 


Quality Plants

Time-tested SOPs for many varieties Customized media recipes. Healthy tissue culture plants scale-up faster and have higher survival rates through all stages.

Genetically Tested

Independent virus testing using state of the art technology. All plants DNA-tested to confirm true-to-type. Develop a custom testing plan with our Genetic Analysis team.

Research & Partnership

Relationship with WSU lab and established research and technology pipeline. Fast protocol development for new crops and varieties. Bringing new technology to market.

Innovative technology

Multiphy™ quality controlled propagation process enables lower-cost, highest-quality, rapidly propagated plants. Scale up from repository quickly and on-demand. Genetic Analysis and virus screening services can provide small-scale individualized testing, or high-throughput testing of thousands of samples/day.


Ph.D.-level support from experts in the field. Focus on solving grower problems. Emphasis on securing your materials for future growth. Dedicated to meeting your needs.