Our Technology Exists to Support Our Food Crop Growers

MultiPHY™ process ensures the production of the highest quality plant material and gives nurseries and growers access to the plants they need when they need them.

What Makes Us Unique

MultiPHY™ offers the most advanced quality controlled process with an optimized and customized micropropagation. We ensure that the plants you receive are: genetically confirmed true to type, disease and virus free, and ready to thrive. Each plant takes root in a greenhouse to develop a strong and robust root system. Plants are then delivered in an Ellepot or plug, nearly eliminating transplant shock since the root system is never disturbed. The results speak for themselves – as the fruits of our labor, research, and technology are passed on to you.
  • growth Grower Benefits Include:
  • Higher Return on Investment
  • True-to-type – 100% genetically confirmed
  • <1% mortality on all orders
  • Wide array of plant offerings

Grow with confidence, thanks to our quality-controlled process that produces clean and true-to-type plants.