Genetic Analysis Services

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Virus Screening

Our highest-throughput option for detection of viruses and viroids, RNA sequencing (RNAseqcombines enrichment for viruses with next-generation sequencing technology to facilitate early detection viruses and viroids, even at very low titers and before infected plants become symptomatic. This method is ideal for screening large numbers of plants, or blocks of crops, for multiple viruses at once. 

The current industry standard for pathogen diagnostics, RT-PCR targets a small section of unique genetic material specific to each virus tested to provide quick and accurate diagnoses of infected crops. This method is ideal for rapid screening of individual plants for up to five viruses. 

In order to help control the spread of Little Cherry Virus -1 and -2, and X-Disease, we use protocols provided by the WSU Clean Plant Center Northwest. Visit the WSU Tree-Fruit Website for more information

Like, RT-PCRqRT-PCR targets a small section of unique genetic material specific to each virus tested to provide quick and accurate diagnoses of your plants. Additionally, qRT-PCR has the added benefit of a quantitative component, providing information regarding viral titers in infected crops. 


Variety Verification

Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotype is a method of variety verification based on identification and comparison of small (one-base) genetic changes in closely-related crops 

Readily available for Apple, Pear, Cherry, Hops, Hazelnut, and Grapevine.

Short sequence repeat (SSR) markers present in a cultivar can be targeted to generate a genetic “fingerprint” for that cultivar. This can then be compared to the fingerprint of other cultivars to provide variety confirmation.  

Readily Available for Apple, Cherry, Pear

Contact Us for custom testing. Our experienced scientists can help plan your testing: we work on many horticultural crops and can accommodate PCR applications, sequencing applications, and DNA or RNA extraction services.

Self-Incompatibility Testing

Genetic testing to determine a variety’s pollination compatibility with other varieties.

Available for Cherry

Extraction Services

Flexible sample numbers: single to 96 well plates.

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Environmental Samples

Single to 96 well plates

Plant Tissue