We Come From Sturdy Stock

Our company’s products and services are the result of years of innovative and disciplined research.

Our Humble Roots

NuPhY took root In the Genomics and Biotechnology program in the Department of Horticulture at Washington State University. The micropropagation and greenhouse production process was developed and fine-tuned with the support and guidance of the fruit tree and nursery industry. The technology reached the market in 2011.

Like Washington State University, NuPhY prides itself on and strives to be a leader in serving the needs of the industry. We’re constantly evolving to find new ways to implement and improve the agricultural process. 

From state-of-the-art genetic analysis to volume propagation of in-demand plant material, NuPhY can support growers’ needs.

Our company’s products and services are the result of multi-year long efforts to innovate through disciplined research. NuPhY’s existence is credited to the strong and close relationships we’ve fostered between the university, its faculty and alumni, as well as the broader agricultural community that thrives here in the Pacific Northwest.

As we grow, so does our interest in partnering with other organizations. If you wish to partner with us on business development, marketing, financing or any other areas, please Contact Us