Our Fruit Trees are DNA-Verified, True-To-Type, and Disease and Virus-Free

Tissue Culture Services and Ready-to Plant-Material

NuPhY’s commitment is to excellence in quality and service. Our optimized and customized quality-controlled micropropagation process enables lower-cost, highest quality, and rapidly propogated plants. We strive to support growers in meeting today’s market demands.

Test your plants for viruses, variety verification, or self compatibility using our expert level Genetic Analysis Team. Our high throughput robotics ensure you get the highest quality for the best price.

Safe deposit your plant genetics with our Repository Service. We offer long term maintenance of a production-ready population, and a full suite of in-house genetic analysis and virus screening services. Our program is tailored to meet your needs.

"Our industry has relied on a traditional process that results in undersupply and sometimes unpredictable shipments. NuPhY is the solution that can support the rapidly changing needs of the horticultural industry."
Jim Jackson
Managing Member and Chief Executive Officer Royal Bluff Orchards